Exposing the Onfido BIPA settlement scam: Essential Information


Have you heard about the Onfido BIPA settlement scam? You’re not alone if not. Many people are confused and concerned about this complicated problem. This post will detail the Onfido BIPA settlement fraud, including what it is, how it works, and how you may avoid being a victim of one of these scams. We can solve this topic’s enigma and provide you with the necessary information!

The Onfido BIPA Settlement Scam: What is it?

Under the pretense of the Onfido Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA) settlement, fraudulent actions are carried out against people in the Onfido BIPA settlement scam. Phishing emails, false adverts, and shady phone calls are just a few of the ways con artists may use to prey on gullible people. To help against falling victim, it’s critical to comprehend the nature of this fraud and learn how to spot warning signs.

How Does the Fraud Take Place? 

False Settlement Claims

Scammers may approach people with claims that they qualify for a settlement in connection with the Onfido BIPA lawsuit. To file the claim, they may ask for payment or personal information and make large compensation promises. Steer clear of unsolicited calls or messages that request private information or money.

Phishing Attempts

Phishing is another trick criminals employ. They might send emails that seem to be from reputable companies—law firms or government bodies, for example—that are involved in the settlement process. Frequently, these emails include attachments or links meant to infect your device with malware or steal personal data.

False Advertisements and Websites

Phishers may create fake websites or advertisements that mimic sources of the Onfido BIPA settlement. Users may be tricked by these websites into providing personal information or making bogus payments for services.

How to Identify and Avoid the Onfido BIPA Settlement Scam

Remain Doubting about Uninvited Communications

Proceed cautiously if you get an unexpected call, email, or message about the Onfido BIPA settlement. Usually, reputable companies don’t initiate unwanted contact requests for money or personal information.

Check Your Sources

Make sure to confirm the authenticity of any correspondence or website purporting to be connected to the Onfido BIPA settlement. To verify the veracity of the report, find the official contact information for pertinent organizations and make direct contact.

Don’t Click on Dubious Links

It is advisable to use caution when opening attachments or accessing links from unknown sources, particularly in unsolicited emails. These could lead to malware or phishing websites that steal your data.

Safeguard Your Data

Never give out critical personal information to strangers claiming to be engaged in the Onfido BIPA settlement, including passwords, banking information, or Social Security numbers.


In conclusion, consumers need to be vigilant and aware of the Onfido BIPA settlement fraud as it is a major issue. You can lessen your chance of becoming a victim of fraudulent schemes by being aware of how this scam works and taking proactive steps to protect yourself. Always be wary of unsolicited communications, double-check your sources, and take precautions to safeguard your data. If you think you may have fallen victim to fraud involving the Onfido BIPA settlement, 

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